Help – Connect to Telldus

Before you can use Enlighter fully, you’ll need to login and connect to the Telldus Live! service

  1. To login and connect to Telldus, click on the “Connect” button in the Settings tab
  2. When the Telldus login screen appears, enter your Telldus Live! credentials and press login
  3. After logging in to Telldus, wait until the next screen appears and then click “Yes” to accept that “Enlighter app” can: “Access your devices” and “Log Device activity”
  4. When the message “Return to your application and press the confirm-button” appears, click on the Close button

Note: If you see the message “Failed OAuth Request”, it means that something went wrong during authentication to Telldus Live! Logging in one more time usually remedies this.

ConnectToTelldus 1ConnectToTelldus 2ConnectToTelldus 3