Help – Settings

The following settings can be changed in the Settings Tab:

  • SettingsConnect to Telldus Live! – let’s you connect to the Telldus Live Service
  • Show Enlighter help topics – shows these help articles
  • Default tab on start – let the user choose which tab that should be selected on application start. (or if in background for more than 1 minute)
  • Default Level/Room – forces the application to start in a selected Level or Room (useful if only setup has only one room or if multiple houses are added, but you only want to access one at a time)
  • Screen never goes to sleep – disables screen sleep when Enlighter is open. (useful for “kiosk” and voice mode). NOTE: if the screen doesn’t go to sleep, the iOS “auto-lock”/password feature will not start either. Therefore, remember to set the phone to sleep manually or exit the app if you want the auto-lock feature to work if you have enabled this mode. (on screen notifications/pop-ups from other applications will temporarily disable this mode)
  • Send entire database to email – see separate help topic
  • Voice Control settings – see separate help topic