Help – Basic Voice control

You can control your devices using the basic voice control features of Enlighter

Note: The voice control engine currently only supports US English.

Voice Control1) Enable basic Voice Control by changing the setting “Basic Voice Control” to On

2) The Voice Control engine will start in the background and constantly monitor speech

3) The “Voice Trigger Word” is a word that needs to be part of any voice command to avoid the app from interpreting speech which is not a voice control command. In this case, “Enlighter, turn on Round Lamp” or “Turn on Round Lamp, Enlighter” will be recognized, but “Turn on Round Lamp” will not be recognized. You can change the Voice Trigger Word to another word or sentence.

4) The setting “Spoken voice recognition feedback” will enable synthesized voice feedback for your voice control commands, e.g. the app will tell you “Turning on Round Lamp” if that command has been successfully interpreted.

NOTE: The Enlighter Voice control uses a basic voice recognition library, which does not send any data to third party providers for data processing. Therefore, the voice control will not be as accurate as for example Apple’s SIRI or similar tools.

For best results:

  • Speak slowly and close to the microphone (not too slowly)
  • Speak with a US English accent
  • Rename your devices/levels/groups to something that works well with the English language
  • Avoid having any background music or sound, as this interferes with the voice recognition

Additional notes:

  • If enabled, the Voice recognition engine will add a few seconds to the app startup time as well as any Save operations done in the application
  • If enabled, the Voice recognition will stop any background music/sounds when opening the application as this interferes with the voice recognition
  • If the Trigger word is detected, but the command is not recognized, the following notification appears (If the trigger word is not detected, no notification appears)

No recognition notification

  • If the trigger word is detected and the command is recognized, the application will execute the command and notify the user in the status area of the screen. (If enabled in the Settings tab, a voice will also speak the executed command)

Turn On notification

Example Voice Control Commands:

Control devices:

Single device:

  • <Trigger Word> turn on <device name>”  (turns on a single device)
  • <Trigger Word> turn off <device name>”  (turns off a single device)
  • <Trigger Word> dim <device name> to X percent” (where X can be: 10, 25, 50, 75, 90) (dims a single device)
  • <Trigger Word> <device/sensor name> status” (gets current status of device or sensor)

Multiple devices:

  • <Trigger Word> turn on <Level/Room name>” (turns on all device in a Level/Room)
  • <Trigger Word> turn off <Level/Room name>” (turns off all device in a Level/Room
  • <Trigger Word><Group name> as preset” (set all devices in a Group to their preset values)
  • <Trigger Word><Group name> On” (turns on all devices in a Group)
  • <Trigger Word><Group name> Off” (turns off all devices in a Group)
  • <Trigger Word> <Level/Room/Group name> status” (gets status for all devices in a Level/Room/Group)

All devices:

  • <Trigger Word> turn on all devices ” (turns on all devices in your setup)
  • <Trigger Word> turn off all devices ” (turns off all devices in your setup)