Change log

Enlighter 1.3.1/1.3.2

  • Ability to add images to Groups
  • Ability to set Groups as default starting point
  • Included latest voice recognition engine (3rd party software)
  • Fixed so that Scheduler items can be deleted on iPad
  • Fixed an instance where Enlighter crashed if devices didn’t have a name set in Telldus live!
  • Fix to minor bug introduced in 1.3.1 where iPad default tab wouldn’t be saved properly

Enlighter 1.3

  • Ability to have different images on devices that are in ON or OFF state
  • Ability to export database to Dropbox (as alternative to mail & AirDrop). Exported database only compatible with Enlighter v1.3 or later
  • New options for GeoFences as well as a new “trigger-on-shake” support (GeoFences and other triggers moved to Settings tab)
  • Added Timer & Scheduler support (access through long press on device) – TellStick Net & iOS7 only
  • Added option to turn off devices before turning on if part of Groups or levels to avoid certain devices with dim support to start dimming up and down
  • Ability to add all devices with one click after connecting to Telldus Live!
  • Full 64 bit support
  • Latest 3rd party voice recognition engine included
  • Fixed bug that sporadically removed tint colors and background pattern settings when using GeoFences
  • Many other bug fixes and speed improvements

Enlighter 1.2.2

  • All tabs are now available in landscape mode on iPad
  • Export Enlighter database through AirDrop on supported devices
  • “Kiosk mode” – ability to hide “Edit”-buttons and “Settings”-tab in “Guided Access” mode. Perfect for cases when Enlighter is used in a public setting…

Enlighter 1.2.1

  • This updated fixes some identified bugs and increases the app’s overall stability

Enlighter 1.2

  • Redesigned UI for iOS7 (including new App icon) – Please view screenshots before upgrading
  • New Parallax effect in Graphical view (iOS7 only)…

Enlighter 1.1.2

  • Click on a sensor in the image view to see its name and when the sensor was last updated
  • Enhanced text contrast in image view
  • Reduced editing/saving time when voice control is enabled

Enlighter 1.1.1

  • New back transition (zoom out) in the graphical view
  • Snappier UI (especially for setups with many devices/sensors)
  • Better handling of connection time-outs
  • Other minor improvements & bug fixes

Enlighter 1.1

  • Ability to select a default tab on application start
  • Ability to disable screen sleeping
  • Added basic Voice Control features (US English only)
  • Minor bug fixes and stability improvements

Enlighter 1.0.1


  • Minor bug fixes
  • Performance improvements, especially on older devices

New Features:

  • New tab: Telldus Live! Scheduler view (read only)
  • Click anywhere on a slider to dim, in addition to sliding
  • New buttons to turn on/off all devices in the current room

Enlighter 1.0

Initial Release