Enlighter App


Enlighter app enables you to automate your home from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. It supports lights, sensors, projector screens, fans and all other devices compliant with the Telldus Live! service (for example devices by Nexa). Enlighter supports small and large apartments/houses, through a multi-level setup. You can add photos to your levels and devices from the camera or from the photo library.

Devices can be controlled (on, off, dim etc.) both from a graphical view and from a normal list view. Basic Voice Control is also included (supports US English speech only).

Enlighter also has group/scenario support, where you can preset your most frequently used scenarios. 

Actions on Devices, Levels or Groups can be triggered when entering or exiting a certain location (so called GPS geofencing). You can also perform actions which are triggered when the device is shaken.

You can also add/view scheduled events in the Telldus Live! scheduler (Telldus NET & iOS7 only)

Your setup can be exported and sent by email, AirDrop or Dropbox, in order to easily transfer it to other devices. 

Enlighter uses the Telldus Live! service. Therefore, you can only use this app if you have a Telldus Live! account with compliant hardware. You need to add the devices to the Telldus Live! services before adding them in Enlighter. (Visit www.telldus.com for more information) 

Enlighter is a Universal app and requires iOS 6.0 or higher (iOS 7.0 or higher required for new features)