Help – Enlighter HomeKit

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is HomeKit and how does it work?
  • Why do I need to set a primary device for iCloud sync?
    • For security reasons, Apple has decided to not implement any way to easily identify the same HomeKit entities across devices. Therefore, Enlighter has to rely on other data, such as names to sync the data between devices. As names might change, we have decided to use the primary device to determine which data is considered to be the “true” data if ambiguities exist
  • Sometimes I need to re-add images to my devices – why does that happen?
    • In rare occasions, the HomeKit system changes the underlying IDs of accessories, which makes Enlighter consider them as new accessories with no saved data. If you experience this issue, please contact the accessory vendor and ask them to ensure that their devices don’t change IDs during operations.
  • I have an accessory where I believe the controls could be improved
    • We are constantly testing new devices to make sure that they look good and work well with our interface. However, since there are hundreds of devices, each with their own configuration, we might need to do accessory specific adjustments to make sure everything works perfectly. If you want us to make sure your device is fully supported, please consider sending us a unit so we can test it.
  • Can I create my own Scenes or automations in Enlighter?
    • Currently, we’ve prioritized functionality that doesn’t exist in the Apple Home app. However, we’re planning to include our own version of setting up automations in a later release
  • My question isn’t listed here
    • Please contact Enlighter support at support (at) skars (dot) se